January 26, 2022

Green Industry

An update on our racial justice efforts

In June 2020, after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis (USA) and the solidarity that followed as millions spoke out at Black Lives Matter protests around the world,  I – like many others – reflected on the situation and how our organisation could contribute.  I then shared some thoughts around DeepMind’s intention to help combat racism and advance racial equity.

With other senior leaders at DeepMind, I spent time listening and talking to colleagues about how racism affects peoples’ personal and professional lives and replicates itself in the systems and structures of our society. We also explored – and gathered feedback – on how we could best support racial justice in the communities DeepMind interacts with.

Today I’m pleased to share one of the outcomes of that process: putting resources directly in the hands of Black communities, so they can decide where they need them most. In the past months, we made donations to organisations that play a vital role supporting Black communities in the UK, US and Africa. Specifically, we’ve supported organisations who are focused on impact in the AI/ML space, those supporting emerging regional tech communities, and those focused on broader societal impact. These donations are unrestricted, meaning each of these organisations can use the funds however they need to, to accelerate sustained impact.

Who are we funding?

We’re delighted to support these organisations, and grateful to many of those who have shared with us an overview of their work:

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